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Municipal Electric & Gas Alliance

Control Your Energy Costs

Participation in the Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance, Inc. (MEGA) aligns you with hundreds of other municipalities, school districts, and businesses that benefit from MEGA’s electric and natural gas purchasing strategy. MEGA is a non-profit, community-based, energy cost savings program that complies with all public bidding requirements for your energy purchases.

Complete the MEGA Authorization and Pricing Proposal Request Form. It’s simple and free of charge.

Get Competitive Energy Prices

MEGA’s short-term objective is to achieve the most competitive prices for electricity and natural gas for its members in order to minimize the cost of energy. Over the long term, MEGA also supports energy cost savings through promotion of energy conservation and development of alternative energy resources.


Put the Power of MEGA to Work for You!

  • No cost to participate – pay only for the power you use
  • Complete compliance with all NYS bidding requirements
  • Access to professional energy consultants at no cost
  • Options for variable or fixed pricing
  • Access to power from renewable sources
  • Easy sign up process
  • Save staff time and money in local budgets
  • NYSAC-endorsed for energy procurement
  • NYASBO-endorsed for energy procurement

” I have been with MEGA since 2010 and served as Vice Chair in 2016 and 2017.  I appreciate MEGA’s commitment to controlling energy costs and providing a simple way to save local taxpayers money. It is a banner organization that epitomizes what can be accomplished by working together.”

Dr. Mark P. Taylor Dr. Mark P. Taylor

Chairman, MEGA Board of Directors


July 2019 Newsletter

Gordon Boyd recently joined his long-time business partner, Gene Salerni in retirement from MEGA’s consultant firm, EnergyNext. Gordon’s career spanned over four decades in public service and leadership in the energy field. His environmental consulting experience and service to the NYS Assembly as staff professional in several environmental committees and commissions prepared […]

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December 2018 Newsletter

With the official start of winter a few weeks away (who are we kidding, it’s been here for more than a month) we should be focusing on increases in utility costs. MEGA supports fixed economical energy pricing and we’ll explain why. MEGA’s commitment to procuring competitive electric and natural gas […]

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September 2018 Newsletter

Dear Clients, Members of the Corporation, and Board Members, I’m taking this opportunity in the MEGA Minute to introduce myself as the new board chair and to comment on the activities of MEGA this spring and summer. I have been with MEGA since 2010 and served as Vice Chair in 2016 […]

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June 2018 Newsletter

The Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance continues to grow and help shape energy programs statewide while continuing its commitment to assist participants in procuring good, economical energy supplies. MEGA’s impact on the energy market can be well documented via the ongoing successes in meeting our primary goal: to achieve the […]

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March 2018 Newsletter

Nearly a year ago MEGA’s Board of Directors approved our Strategic Plan. Many days and hours were devoted to shaping MEGA’s future which is based solely upon the needs of our participants. Our new mission statement follows: The Municipal Electric & Gas Alliance, Inc. (MEGA) is a 501 (c) (3), […]

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