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Town of Oneonta Unanimously Votes to Explore Community Choice Aggregation Program

By on Aug 16, 2016

oneontat-sealOn August 15 the Town of Oneonta become the first municipality to formally partner with MEGA on a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Program.  The board unanimously passed a resolution to explore CCA, authorizing the town to pool the electricity and natural gas accounts of residents and small businesses within the municipal boundary.  This bulk purchasing of energy increases a consumer’s individual buying power, which will result in lower energy rates for residents.

The Town of Oneonta and other communities working with MEGA will have the power to customize their programs based on their values and priorities, such as sourcing renewable, ‘green’ energy. CCA programs eliminate door-to-door solicitors and telemarketers from the process, and protect residents from bad energy deals. Consumers who do not wish to participate in the program can opt-out, returning to the utility without penalty.

Robert Wood, Supervisor for the Town of Oneonta, said, “The Town of Oneonta is pleased to be the first community in NYS to accept MEGA as administrator of a Community Choice Aggregation project. We look forward to working with them to develop an education plan that will interest and excite our residents about the potential savings in energy costs this program should provide to our community.”

MEGA was selected by the Town of Oneonta to fulfill the role of CCA Administrator, overseeing the creation, development, and implementation of the program. No taxpayer or government funds will be used in the creation or operation of the program.

Michael Stolzer, Board Member for the Town of Oneonta, said, “A poll has shown that nearly 70% of our town residents favor a shift to green energy. Not only is this program an excellent way to create this shift, it also has the potential to do so at a lower cost. I am very happy to be involved in the implementation of this plan, and hope to see it spread quickly throughout New York State.”

Louise Gava, CCA Program Manager for MEGA, said, “The Town of Oneonta Board is incredibly engaged and sincere in wanting to do what is best for the residents. Their commitment to the community is what spurred them to become one of the earliest champions of this program, and I look forward to what we will accomplish through this extension of our existing partnership.”