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Municipal Electric & Gas Alliance

Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance (MEGA) Participation Authorization Form

Yes, we are interested in procuring energy supplies and services through the Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance (“Alliance”). In signing below, we are indicating our consent and authorization:

  1. For our electric and/or gas utilities to provide data (which will be kept confidential) about our energy usage and costs that may be requested by the Alliance, its consultants (EnergyNext, Inc.), and/or selected suppliers;
  2. For the Alliance to include our name listed as a potential power purchaser for the purposes of supporting competitive bid documents to be issued by the Alliance to providers of energy supplies and services.

We understand that the execution of this Participation Authorization is NOT a commitment by this organization, nor an obligation to contract for electricity or natural gas through or in conjunction with the Alliance. No commitment or obligation will be required until a pricing offer and agreement is presented and accepted by us.

The information submitted via this web form will be transmitted securely.

The following information may be obtained from your monthly bill. Attach extra sheets if necessary.


If you have any questions, please call EnergyNext, Inc. at (518) 580-9244.