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Municipal Electric & Gas Alliance

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How to Save on Energy with MEGA

Easy Eligibility

Any municipality, school district, business, or not-for-profit organization can become part of the MEGA program. MEGA serves a wide range of entities, from the largest counties to very small local libraries and similar organizations. If you have a building(s) or pay your utility bills in addition to rent, you can participate in MEGA.

Free Process to Obtain a Pricing Proposal

Complete the Participation Authorization Form and forward it along with your electric account numbers (or POD numbers in NYSEG territory) and natural gas account numbers to MEGA.

E-mail info@megaenergy.org
Fax: 607-273-8964
Mail: P.O. Box 88 Ithaca, NY 14851-0088

No Obligation—Your Choice

Submitting the Participation Authorization form in no way obligates you to contract for electricity or natural gas through MEGA. It will simply generate a pricing proposal for you to consider. If you accept the pricing proposal, you will enter into a contract with MEGA’s designated ESCO for electricity and/or natural gas for a period of time chosen by you: usually two years but shorter or longer periods are options.

Technical Support & Answers to Your Questions

Form completion and submission: info@megaenergy.org
Pricing proposal questions: gordon@energynext.com
General information: bblanchard@megaenergy.org

In addition, the following webinar reviews MEGA’s program, including the application process.