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Participation in the Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance, Inc. (MEGA) aligns you with hundreds of other municipalities, school districts, and businesses that benefit from MEGA’s electric and natural gas purchasing strategy. MEGA is a non-profit, community-based, energy cost savings program that complies with all public bidding requirements for your energy purchases.


Get Competitive Energy Prices

MEGA’s short-term objective is to achieve the most competitive prices for electricity and natural gas for its members in order to minimize the cost of energy. Over the long term, MEGA also supports energy cost savings through promotion of energy conservation and development of alternative energy resources.


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MEGA Participants by County

Roll over each county in green to see a list of MEGA participants. White counties do not have participants.

Put the Power of MEGA to Work for You!

  • No cost to participate – pay only for the power you use
  • Complete compliance with all NYS bidding requirements
  • Access to professional energy consultants at no cost
  • Options for variable or fixed pricing
  • Access to power from renewable sources
  • Easy sign up process
  • Save staff time and money in local budgets
  • NYSAC-endorsed for energy procurement
  • NYASBO-endorsed for energy procurement
  • NYCOM-endorsed for energy procurement

“I have been part of the MEGA program since its inception in the mid-90s when New York State deregulated electricity. In my capacity as director of Tompkins County’s economic development activities, I appreciate MEGA’s commitment to controlling energy costs and providing a simple way to save local taxpayers money. It is a banner organization that epitomizes what can be accomplished by working together.”

Michael Stamm Michael Stamm

Chairman, MEGA Board of Directors

MEGA Updates

MEGA CCA Progress: Petition Submission and Technical Conference Participation

Aggregation of electric supply through Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs will offer lower and/or stable utility prices for residents. MEGA and our consulting team are particularity qualified to support CCA especially given Satori Energy, the parent company of EnergyNext, Inc.’s extensive experience developing and administering successful CCA programs in 40 Illinois communities.

On January 11th MEGA submitted a petition to the NYSPSC requesting authorization to initiate and implement a demonstration CCA program among interested municipalities.  Our petition to the Commission was given Case # 16-M-0015 and will be open for comments soon. Our petition outlines the interest of MEGA participants in developing CCA programs as well as MEGA and our consulting partners’ qualifications to support these efforts.  Our main point is that the aggregate utility data exist now, for free, to support the development of CCA programs.  We explain in detail the process for securing supply and include specifics on program oversight, community education, ESCO selection and relationship, customer eligibility, data access and privacy protections.  You can read the full petition hereGB panel presenting at Jan20th technical conference.

MEGA and our consulting partner EnergyNext, Inc. have also been active in technical conferences held by Department of Public Service Staff addressing issues of aggregate and consumer data provisions and privacy. As these issues are of relevance to CCA MEGA attended and submitted comments on the first conference and presented at the second conference.  Gordon Boyd, from EnergyNext, Inc. shared the firms’ experience with aggregation of 40 communities in Illinois.  Presented as a case study, it highlighted the processes that supported easy data requests and transfers as well as privacy considerations for CCAs serving 40,000 households. Mr. Boyd ended his presentation at the technical conference with two metaphors.  He said, “the pioneers went west in Conestoga wagons, they didn’t wait for the development of the Cadillac Escalade and likewise Ferdinand and Isabella sent their ships across the ocean without pausing to ask what they will do if they need to land airplanes on the decks.”  This was all to underscore the opinion of MEGA, expressed in both our comments and presentation, that while many of the questions of the technical conferences will need to be answered to support broad Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiatives, a simple supply focused CCA can begin without working through the many details.

We expect to hear from the Commission in the coming weeks on the status of our petition. While this is all movement in the direction of CCA becoming a reality, we aren’t there yet.  We could be a few weeks or many months away from authorization of MEGA’s proposed demonstration CCA and/or the final ruling for CCA statewide.  While our timeline is unknown our continued efforts put us in a position to act quickly if and when CCA does become a reality.

County, University, and Energy Leaders Tour Hydropower Dam


A group of local dignitaries this week toured the Otter Creek Hydro Electric Plan in Glenfield, Lewis County, in an effort to promote innovative renewable energy projects and encourage National Grid and state regulators to speed up their plant’s connection to the electricity grid.

“We are sitting on a May application that was supposed to begin lowering the cost of the county’s electric bills by the summer. A series of unexplained delays on the part of National Grid have us still waiting for those savings to materialize,” said St. Lawrence County Administrator Ruth Doyle.

A March 15th Resolution passed by the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators authorized the county to submit an application to the utility to enable remote net metering credits from the Otter Creek Plant that has been in operation for nearly 30 years. In order for these credits to start, National Grid must complete a simple technical review and approve the application.

Tour attendees included Senator Joseph Griffo, who represents Lewis and parts of St. Lawrence County; St. Lawrence University Vice President Finance and Treasurer Joe Manory; New York State Association of Counties Director Stephen J. Acquario; Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance President and CEO Ron Feldstein, Gravity Renewables Director of Power Marketing Omay Elphick, and Otter Creek Plant Manager Mike Billhardt.

“For reasons beyond our control, the interconnectivity agreement between National Grid and St. Lawrence County remains incomplete,” said the St. Lawrence County Administrator. “So far we have lost $40,000 in energy credits and we are losing more money each day we do not have an approved application.”

“Renewable energy helps protect the environment and is good for economic development, which can have a beneficial impact on our taxpayers. In order for New York State to be a leader in generating energy, I believe we must have a diversified energy portfolio that includes a wide variety of renewable and clean energy,” said Senator Griffo, who is chairman of the Senate Energy Committee.

“St. Lawrence University remains committed to using renewable energy for its power needs and we are delighted to be working with a project to restore a hydro facility on the nearby Deer River that will supply nearly one quarter (25%) of our electrical needs. We’ll be operational early next year, and we urge our utility and state regulators to make sure that we can turn the switch on,” said Joe Manory.

“The plant is licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commisson (FERC), and started providing hydroelectric power in 1986. The delay to interconnect is unexplainable,” said MEGA President and CEO Ron Feldstein.

The New York State Association of Counties is a bipartisan municipal association serving all 62 counties of New York State including the City of New York. Organized in 1925, NYSAC’s mission is to represent, educate and advocate for member counties and the thousands of elected and appointed county officials who serve the public. To learn more, visit

Community Choice Aggregation – Coming Soon!

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is expected to be approved by the New York State Public Service Commission in early 2016.

Local government leaders will soon have the opportunity to:

  • Aggregate all residential consumers for better pricing (consumers can “opt out” if they want)
  • Eliminate predatory broker/supplier behavior, enhance consumer protection
  • Set community energy priorities, efficiency, renewables, and more
  • Set up competitive bidding for residential energy options
  • Option to fund energy planning and enhancements
  • Save money for the local economy
  • Contribute to grid stability and reliability

MEGA services will include professional support for the development of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs, including:

  • Help elected officials plan and set priorities
  • Facilitate communities joining together to increase market power
  • Coordinate energy usage information, competitive bidding
  • Assess proposals, assure value for customers/community
  • Monitor supplier performance, utility cooperation
  • Monitor and advise on regulatory developments

Learn more by reviewing our FAQs, compiled from a series of meetings with municipalities.

If you have additional questions on CCA or would like to receive updates on the NYSPSC’s actions and final ruling please contact CCA Project Lead, Louise Gava at 315-714-9695 or

Thumbs Up for MEGA’s Services to Southern Tier Municipalities

The services MEGA provides to municipalities received positive comments in today’s Ithaca Journal, which stated:

“Chalk up some savings for taxpayers in the Southern Tier, with the City of Elmira joining up with the cities of Binghamton and Ithaca to get gas and electricity from the Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance.

The alliance is one of the region’s quiet success stories that is producing big savings for taxpayers. Since 2001, the Ithaca-based non-profit has gotten municipalities, school districts and businesses good deals on energy by making — well, MEGA group purchases.

The Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance now has dozens of partners across nearly every upstate county, including most towns in Broome, Tioga, Tompkins and Chemung counties.

The savings on electric and gas can be substantial. Elmira expects to save about $4,000 a month than what it paid its previous energy supplier.

Comparing the dozens of plans to get the best deal for gas or electricity is tough work, as any homeowner knows. And after all the calculations, a homeowner may find just a small difference in energy costs.

But for big consumers of power, such as cities, counties and school districts, choosing the best deal for kilowatts and therms can mean significant savings.

The lower costs resulting from group purchasing through organizations like the Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance is exactly the kind of consolidation that pays off for taxpayers and allows public budgets to stay at or below a tax cap.

Check the alliance’s website at to see a list of local governments and schools that have signed up for the low-cost energy plan.”


Powering a New Generation of Community Energy: The NY Prize Community Microgrid Competition and Critical Facility Resiliency Study

New York State has announced NY Prize, a first-in-the nation $40 million competition to create community microgrid systems that reduce costs, promote clean energy, and build reliability and resiliency into the electric grid.  NY Prize is a key part of a statewide endeavor to modernize New York State’s electric grid, spurring innovation and community partnerships with utilities, local governments, and the private sector.   Details about NY Prize, including competition detail and eligibility requirements along with highlights from key takeaways from the recently completed Critical Facility Resiliency Study.

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